Saturday, November 20, 2010

An NBA 1st...

Now that Joe Johnson was named 3rd team All-NBA last season, we need a new guy for the "most under-rated" tag. It seems there is always someone that flies under the radar while putting up big-time numbers. Usually playing in a small-market city or not being a "flashy player" keeps certain guys from being recognized.

Need a nominee for the current "most under-rated?"

How about the guy that notched the 1st triple-double in Bobcats history tonight...Stephen Jackson.

Stephen has had an outstanding career and has peaked the last few seasons. Quick trivia, who are the only NBA players that headed into the 2010-2011 season had posted 3 straight 20+ point, 4+ assist, 4+ rebound seasons?

Joe Johnson
Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
Dwayne Wade
Stephen Jackson

How about ole Stephen, who put up 30 on the Heat the night before? Let's get the hype going now for an All-Star birth/All-NBA nomination going now.


Anonymous said...

Charlotte just had its first triple double?

Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

before i begin i need to say that i am a big fan of the blog but i think you are a little off on this. sj is not on the level of joe johnson or any of the other stars mentioned. plus sj is a known felon (remember the palace).

Jeff said...

I never wrote that SJ was on the level of the other players, just that he is in a particular "club" with them. I agree that SJ does not measure up with the others unless you are talking about fights/random gun shot blasts/arrests.