Monday, November 15, 2010

People in sports I hate...

This is an update on the list originally posted 2 1/2 years ago. Numbers 4-10 on the list have left the list now, as Curt Schilling, Billy Packer, and Roger Clemens have retired and no longer hug the headlines with their shenanigans. Jon Gruden is almost on my "love" list after his MNF showing, Colin Montgomerie is insignificant, and I am over Chad Johnson's antics. Heck, even Lou Holtz doesn't bother me much anymore...

The new Top 10 as we near the end of 2010

10) Keith Brooking - How dare he cross Arthur Blank. Blank rewards Brooking with a 41 million dollar contract in 2003, only to see the team release him after almost single-handily giving the Cardinals a game clinching 1st down in the 2008 playoffs. Then, after joining the Cowgirls, he dances on the sidelines and makes ignorant comments about his departure after recording 1 meaningless tackle. You're welcome Keith, thanks for showing us what you are made of...

9) Bruce Pearl - Anther phony that played the, "I'm a quirky/genius/recruiting guru" card for too long and is now alleged to be involved in tons of illegal recruiting acts. I don't know when he will go down, but he will, and it will be fantastic.

8) Chris Berman - Ole Chris has dropped from #3 to #8 on the list, mostly because I avoid him at all costs. I haven't seen a home run derby since Garrett Anderson won, watch NFL highlights on the NFL network, and my only encounter with a swami since 2004 was at a Sushi Bar.

7) Urban Meyer - He has dropped this year as he is finally being exposed as the fraud that he is. No Tebow, Dan Mullen, or Charlie Strong has equaled a reality check. He has never called plays or created a game plan, but is perceived as the "inventor" of the spread offense.

6) Tony Romo - Something about this guy really bothers me. I don't know if it is the smirk on his face or how he walks around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment. But, nonetheless, he makes the list in the #6 spot. I actually get a nice little chuckle when he drops snaps as a holder, implodes on MNF, and consistently implodes in big games.

5) The 2010-2011 Miami Heat - This was inevitable after the Lebron saga this summer and ESPN launching the "Heat Index" for the season. I was prepared for Miami-overload in September and found myself already dreading all the coverage before the season even began. It is so bad that if the Heat play the Lakers in the Finals, I may but a Kobe jersey.

4) Chip Carey - Falling from #1 to #4, Chip has yet to get any better. He does however insert a random references that at times can be somewhat funny, so he can't be #1. However, all the things that got him to that top spot still make him worthy of the top 5.

3) Brett Favre - An easy one here after having to endure his never-ending need for attention and fan-fare. I actually don't care that he retires/un-retires every year or that he hates 2-a-days. I have a problem with the whole texting "I am retiring" to a kicker to trick people into thinking he will retire and when he actually announces he isn't retiring, it will be a bigger deal. Yea, all 5 times he has done that or something similar.

2) Paul Pierce - This one started during the Hawks-Celtics playoff series in April of 2008 when he decided to show his true self by flashing gang signs at the Hawks bench. He also (along with D-Wade) seems to have mastered the "I pump-faked and got my guy in the air so I will jump into him in a way that in no way is similar to my real shot and try and get a whistle" move. Oh yea, he plays for the Celtics too.

1) Lane Kiffin - Old Lane leap frogged to the top of this list with his unreal antics during the 2009 college football season. Lets take a quick look at all the moronic quotes Lane gave us last year:

a) “I wasn’t going to let the refs lose the game for us there and some magical flag appear” - Lame attempt to cover up poor time management

“I’m sure I will get one of those letters that doesn’t mean anything” - Why cooperate with the NCAA?

c) "I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn't get him."- No cheating occurred

d) "We will never lose to Georgia as long as I am the coach here." - Actually ended up being right on this one.

e) “I can’t hear you; Rocky Top is playing”- After losing to Florida and not attempting to actually win the game.

That's it...the people I love list has also undergone major changes and will be up later in the week. Super-surprise #1 on that list...

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Anonymous said...

Good list.

In the comments from your original list, I had Rodney Harrison in there since he was always a dirty player and was constantly saved by his better teammates when he overplayed a ball for the pick or a big hit. Now, I can't stand him as a analyst on NBC. I'm pretty sure his presence alone is the reason Dan Patrick has to reference the Patriots every time a former player, coach, etc. does something for a new team (Seymour, Vrabel, Dimitroff, Weis, Pioli...). So annoying that I avoid this show for this reason alone. A shame since Dungy is actually pretty good.

Athletes: Shane Victorino, Kevin Garnett, Roman Harper

Announcers: Theismann, Millen, anyone with FOX sports, especially Buck, McCarver, Brenneman, and Siragusa

Other: Every current Sportscenter anchor