Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday night musings...

Interesting to look at the 2010 coaches salaries and see how each team performed. If you are a trivia guy/gal, take a quick 5 and see if you can guess the 3 head coaches in 2010 that were in the top 10 in salary, but failed to achieve a winning record. Scroll down for the answer…

While you are thinking, I also want to throw in a quick NBA tidbit, as I have not written much on the season so far. Locally, as much heat as Joe Johnson is taking for not performing up to his salary, Al Horford needs the same amount of praise for living up to his. For the 4th straight year, Al has improved his FG%, assists, and points per game. Horford and Dwight Howard are the only 2 players right now in the NBA that average 17+ points per game, 9.5+ rebounds per game, and shoot at a FG% higher than 55%. Not bad for a guy that everyone wants to move from the center position.

Our coaches that failed to achieve a winning record while getting paid out the wazoo?
#2 Mack Brown
#8 Jim Grobe
#9 Mark Richt

Just missing the list are 5 more that are in the top 20

#13 Houston Nutt
#15 Paul Johnson
#16 Jeff Tedford
#18 Derek Dooley
#19 Turner Gill

On another note, how good do some of the signings and potential signings at the winter meetings look?

1) Boston Lineup – Crawford/Pedroia/Gonzalez/Youkilis/Ortiz
2) NYY Rotation – Sabathia/Lee/Hughes
3) White Sox lineup – Konerko/Dunn/Quentin

I think with Lackey/Lester/Beckett/Buchholz/Dice-K and that lineup they will be very tough to beat in the AL.

When Cameron Newton said the other day that he did nothing wrong in his recruitment and he simply chose Auburn over Mississippi State after spending Christmas break at home discussing both schools with his Dad, did anyone else get the picture in their heads of Cecil writing dollar amounts on 2 sheets of paper and shrugging his shoulders at the Heisman winner?

People in Sports I love…

10) Martin Prado - A true gamer that is an easy guy to root for. The type of guy you want and one of my favorite Braves.
9) Mike Zimmer - Nobody dislikes Bobby Petrino as much as I do, but the way Zimmer attacked the former Falcons coach earlier this year was awesome.
8) Aaron Murray - This story makes liking a guy that is all-everything as a freshman QB in the SEC even easier.
7) Thomas Dmitroff - I have so much confidence in this guy to do what is necessary to keep the Birds in the mix for a Super Bowl for the next several years. He has hit home runs in the draft, free agency, and does not want the spotlight.
6) Bill Curry - Like my brother says, "I would listen to him talk about anything." I have seen this video about 25 times, just an awesome guy to have coaching your team.

5) Rex Ryan - I just like this guy. I know he coaches a team in NY, but I think he is genuinely funny. He made this seasons "Hard Knocks" episode the best ever.
4) Jason Heyward - Great guy and player for the Braves that should be the face of the team for 10+ years. I love his approach to the game and how he plays every day.
3) Roddy White - You can always count on Roddy to be there when the game is on the line (see Baltimore this year)...He and Matty Ice have become quite the duo, and if they can get a Super Bowl, they may move to 1-2 on the list.
2) Al Horford - I have always wanted someone on the Hawks who seemed to care as much about the team winning as I did. Finally, Al Horford came along and has been the leader and emotional guy they the team has needed.
1) Matt Ryan- Have you seen a shirt? I want to be with homo.

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