Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bowl thoughts...

I mentioned earlier how the Chick-Fil-A bowl committee were celebrating the Clemson win last night as they land the VT-Auburn match up they wanted. Here are what some of the other bowl committees have on their plates...

Fiesta Bowl: Outside of Bama fans, this committee wants a LSU-Bama match up more than anyone. Why? Not only do they get OSU in their game as the Big 12 champ, but they can hype the game with a BCS title game-worthy opponent that will receive plenty of press if they are not in the game and place them against another top 5 team in Stanford.

Orange Bowl: This game is all but set, and with all the bad match ups this game has had the last few years, the Orange Bowl finally gets 2 teams that will travel and provide a high-scoring shootout that people will want to watch in Clemson and West Virginia.

Rose Bowl: Another BCS bowl that got their dream match up with Oregon and Wisconsin. Any time the Rose gets their Pac-10/Big-10 game they will be happy.

Cotton Bowl: This a pleased committee as well because it appears they might get their dream SEC team in Arkansas and will be able to pair them with a Heisman finalist and fun team to watch with RG3 and Baylor.

Gator Bowl: This bowl might get big name powerhouses Florida and Ohio State in an Urban Meyer bowl, plenty of ways to hype this game.

Sugar Bowl: They really want LSU-OSU too, as they would then get an SEC team in Alabama. The Sugar would like to pair Bama with another BCS-at large team like Kansas State.

Music City: The Music City would love to grab Vanderbilt to play in Nashville against an ACC team like Virginia or NC State.

Holiday Bowl: This has been one of the earlier bowls featuring big-name, ranked teams over the years. Not so in 2011. This game is Pac-12 #3 vs Big-12 #5, and typically there are quality teams in these slots. Look for a pair of 7-5 teams, Cal and Mizzou to be in this game.

BCS Projections:

Title Game: LSU-OSU
Rose Bowl: Oregon-Wisconsin
Fiesta Bowl: Stanford-Michigan
Sugar: Alabama-Kansas State
Orange: WVU-Clemson

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