Sunday, December 4, 2011

Who is playing in the Tittle Game?

I can't wait to see the polls today that will go a long way towards determining who will play in the BCS title game. There are arguments galore, but after yesterday I think the game should be LSU-Oklahoma St. I think OSU made a big statement by destroying OU in a much hyped game. Bama has a strong argument by playing LSU tough, but OSU is the pick for the title game.

Hard to believe Clemson hasn't won the ACC in 20 years, but kudos to them for bouncing back from a horrendous November to take the title game. I know the Chick-Fil-A Bowl is happy that they don't have choose between a Clemson team on a huge downward slide, UVA that was blown out by VT in their last game, FSU who played in the game last year, or the local team in GT that has lost momentum. That game will be Auburn-VT now...

I also think Michigan gets in the BCS, which drops MSU to the Cap 1 and Nebraska to the Outback. The Cap 1 also takes Arkansas, with South Carolina to the Cotton, and UGA to the Outback.

Final regular season RSM Poll

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma St
3. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Stanford
6. Arkansas
7. South Carolina
8. Wisconsin
9. Boise St
10. Kansas St
11. Michigan
12. Georgia
13. Michigan St
14. USC
15. Baylor
16. TCU
17. Clemson
18. Virginia Tech
19. Oklahoma
20. Nebraska
21. Penn St
22. Notre Dame
23. Southern Miss
24. Houston
25. Texas

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