Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winding down the CFB season...

With years and years of the SEC Championship game being one of the biggest of the season, this years game looks pretty insignificant. With all the big wins LSU has (@BAMA, Oregon, Arkansas, etc), even with a loss in this game they will likely stay in the top 2 and play for the national title. In a game where you would assume UGA would play as if they had nothing to lose, LSU seems like they could play that part instead.

I still think that the voters will all have OSU #2 or #3 with a win over OU next week, even if VT avenges their only loss. There is a chance at OSU knocking out Bama, but when ESPN gets an agenda like Bama/LSU rematch, they usually get their way.

Before I rank 'em this week, here is my Heisman poll as of this morning and BCS projections:

1. Andrew Luck
2. Trent Richardson
3. Robert Griffin III
4. Montee Ball
5. Matt Barkley

BCS Title Game: LSU vs Oklahoma St
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Houston
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs Louisville
Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs Oregon
Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs Michigan

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma St
4. Oregon
5. Stanford
6. Arkansas
7. Virginia Tech
8. Houston
9. Boise St
10. South Carolina
11. Georgia
12. Michigan St
13. Oklahoma
14. Wisconsin
15. Kansas St
16. Michigan
17. USC
18. TCU
19. Baylor
20. Nebraska
21. Penn St
22. Notre Dame
23. Clemson
24. Texas
25. Tulsa

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Beezbo said...

Is USC being punished for being banned from the postseason? If they aren't top 10, they should at least be top 14.