Saturday, November 19, 2011

BCS Mess

With the Pokes going down last night, the most likely BCS Title Game match-up is now off the table, the debate can begin.

Oregon now has the inside track. They can win style points tonight by beating up on USC, and then will get a chance against ASU in Eugene on December 3rd to make their final case. The fact that they have a marquee name, are a conference champion, and have their only loss to the undisputed #1, they are the pick if they win out.

If Oregon loses 1 of these games, the Bedlam winner will still have a shot, although the Pokes have lost some steam. If there was ever a year for Boise to get in, this was it...

Bama will still argue that they belong, but it just isn't fair for them to make it to the game unless many things happen, beginning with Arkansas beating LSU. Why punish LSU for beating Bama and making them play another tough game in Atlanta on December 3rd, while rewarding the loser is a bye to the Title Game?

Now for the way things can really get messy...although not likely, lets say UGA beats unbeaten LSU in Atlanta. Now, the SEC champion is out of the mix, who can sneak in?

How about Clemson? If Clemson routs South Carolina and then routs VT in the ACCCG, they would have a lot of momentum if things shake down on December 3rd. Lets say OU beats OSU, UGA beats LSU, and Oregon loses to ASU.

1. Oklahoma
2. Clemson
3. LSU
4. Alabama
5. Houston

Would Clemson have enough star power in the minds of the voters to move ahead of the SEC teams? Oklahoma St, Oregon, Stanford, VT, Boise, and Arkansas would all be out of the mix because if a non-conference champion gets to the Title Game in this scenario, it would be one of the SEC teams.

Want an even more crazy shake up? Try and rank your teams in this sceario: Auburn beats Alabama, Arkansas beats LSU, UGA beats LSU, Oklahoma St beats OU, ASU beats Oregon, South Carolina beats Clemson, Clemson beats VT, and Tulsa beats Houston.

1. Oklahoma St
2. Arkansas
3. Stanford
4. Boise St
5. UGA

Imagine that debate...non-conference champions Arkansas, Stanford, and Boise all with the chance to be back in the top 4. I actually hope this happens and Bobby Petrino lobbies on TV for Arkansas to get in, only to see Luck and company get the nod...

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