Wednesday, July 15, 2009

College Football Talk...

Looks like the concensus is that Florida will win their 3rd title in 4 years. Hard to believe that just 2 years ago, no team had won 2 BCS titles and now UF may be looking at 3. Their schedule sure works out, with them only MSU, ARK, and LSU from the West and avoiding Bama and Auburn. The LSU game is on the road and their most likely loss. I would like to think UGA has a shot in Jax, but it will take a '97 type performance to knock off the powerful Gators.

Just take a quick look at the talent UF has. Now, I think the Percy Harvin loss will hurt more than people think. However, with 3 potential top 15 players on defense (Dunlap, Spikes, Haden), Tebow, the speedsters in the backfield (Demps, Rainey), and depth/experience, UF looks like a clear favorite. The only thing that could potentially derail UF, just like the past 2 years, is a Tebow injury. When he was hurt in 2007, the Gators went 9-4. When healthy, they look pretty dang unstoppable. Tebow's backup is John Brantley, who has little experience, and the 3rd stringer is punter Chas Henry.

The most likely contenders besides UF are the Red-River Shootout winner, USC, and the Ohio St/Penn St winner. Virginia Tech may be a sleeper pick if Taylor becomes a better all-around QB and another team I like is Cal. If they can beat USC, Cal has a chance to be in the mix in December. They have the best QB in the Pac-10 (Riley), the best RB in the Pac-10 (Best), and a solid D with playmakers (Mike Mohamed and Syd'Quan Thompson).

The weekly top 25 polls will start September 6th, but as for pre-season polls, the 1st edition will be on here by August 15. As for now, an early look at who I like to win Conference Championships.

Big 12 - Texas
Big 10 - Penn St
Big East - USF
Pac-10 - Cal
WAC - Boise St
MAC - Akron
Sun Belt - Troy

British Open pick - Ian Poulter


Beezbo said...

So much for your Open pick.

T-132 Ian Poulter +5 75

Poll on from earlier today:

Who would you rather see win the Open?
A. Tiger Woods ~60%
B. Tom Waton ~40%

I hate the lemmings that only know what ESPN gives them.

Jeff said...

Thanks for pointing out the Poulter pick.

Rallen said...

LOL : )

Beezbo said...

Ian update:

+9 on Friday
+14 overall
153rd place out of 156 overall (2 guys at +15 and 1 guy withdrew)

What. A. Disaster.

Jeff said...

Looks like a lot of misses in British Open predictions this year. Toughest major to call with the wind factor and being a links course. Taking the runner up from last year and a guy that was hot seemed like a good pick. Oops. Not a disaster though, at all.