Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick Braves Update...

Now, according to, Yunel Escobar is unlikely to be moved. I understand why, considering his talent and salary. I am sure Cox and company are frustrated like I am with Escobar's antics and egocentric attitudes. However, it will be hard to move him and get equal value in return when considering he makes under 500K per year and we are a bit cash strapped.

Now, the trade that seems most likely to move the Braves into the NL's elite would be Vazquez-for-Outfielder. So, who would fit the bill? A team with pitching needs and an outfielder (preferrably a right handed hitter) that they could do without. I keep going back to Matt Holliday as the guy, but I think Javy is worth more than him. Maybe Atlanta can get Holliday and Brad Ziegler for Vazquez? Ziegler is a right-handed reliever with a 3.22 ERA in 33 games so far this year and 6 saves. Wouldn't hurt to have another solid reliever in the bullpen.

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