Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More NFL pre-season talk...

Lets keep it going...

The Redskins are an intriguing team for 2009. They could be pretty good on offense with an improved line and their rookie receivers from last year (Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly) coming off injuries. The D-line should be much improved with Albert Haynesworth pushing up the middle. There are some concerns in the secondary, but Washington is good enough to win 10+ this year. Prediction - 10-6

It is hard to pick New Orleans to win a bunch of games because they look so vulnerable on defense. However, they seem to be as healthy as ever and have upgraded the secondary with Jabari Greer, Darren Sharper, and Malcolm Jenkins. The offense should be top 3 again if not #1 like last season. Prediction - 11-5

San Diego made a real strong push at the end of last season. They get Shawn Merriman back and are strong in the secondary with Jammer and Cromartie. However, Tomlinson and Gates have been injury plagued the past few seasons and it is hard to see them back in the 10-12 win frame. Prediction - 10-6

Houston should have one of the better offenses in the league this year. Matt Schaub has 3 strong weapons in the passing game and Steve Slaton looks to be a top-tier RB this season. The defense keeps improving and if healthy, could be in the top 15. Prediction - 10-6

Denver really overhauled their roster under new coach Josh McDaniels. Their offense won't be as explosive as last year due to the Cutler-Orton swap, and the defense won't be much better either. McDaniels may have some success down the road, but it doesn't look good for this year. Prediction - 5-11

The Jets look to start Mark Sanchez, but he will be without their top target in Coles from last year. Under a new coach, the defense is also switching schemes and while it won't be bad, won't be good enough to offset the offense. Prediction - 5-11.

Arizona all of a sudden learned how to play defense in the playoffs and almost became Super Bowl champs. Kurt Warner is back with a new deal and still has his weapons in the passing game and added Beanie Wells. If Warner and Wells are healthy for 14+ games, Arizona might be playoff bound again. I am not counting on it. Prediction - 7-9

Tampa Bay also went under some re-tooling this off-season. They don't have a NFL level starter at QB on the roster which is a shame because Winslow and Bryant are very good in the passing game. Graham and Ward are a solid 1-2 punch at RB and the OL is still pretty good. However, the defense was completely overhauled and doesn't have much left. Jermaine Phillips is now a LB and Gaines Adams is now the man on the DL. Prediction - 4-12

Dallas will still be pretty potent on offense with Romo, Roy Williams, Witten, and the Jones/Barber/Choice backfield. But, the defense will struggle to stop people. They lost several starters and are replacing them with rookies and a veteran or 2 including Keith Brooking. Uh-oh. Prediction - 8-8

Chicago will no longer have to depend on their D to win gams for them. Getting Jay Cutler to run the offense will give them many more options. His passing skills will also make Matt Forte better. If a WR or 2 step up, they have a shot at having a 1st round bye. Prediction - 12-4

Philadelphia is really depending on Brian Westbrook to play in most of their games this season. They did draft McCoy to back him up, but the need Westbrook if they are going to contend. The defense is good as always and they now have more game-breakers with Jackson and Maclin at WR and KR. Prediction - 10-6

Minnesota will be pretty close to the team they were last season. Issues at QB, great RB, solid OL, and great front 7. Stopping the run won't be a problem, and if they can be strong against the pass, they could be one of the leagues best D's. However, the QB issue is pretty tough to overcome. Prediction - 8-8

Baltimore could be a 10+ win team this year if they can get their issues at WR solved. Derrick Mason unexpectedly retired and then Drew Bennett was signed to replace Mason and he retired. The OL is strong and they have good depth at RB, but need some WR for Flacco. The D should be dominant and will always have them in the game. Prediction - 10-6

Now that New England has Tom Brady healthy, they should become a top-tier team again. The offense will be very good and their D is good enough to keep them in most games. Prediction - 12-4

Miami was unexpectedly an 11 win team last year, but don't look for a repeat. The schedule should be tougher and they have some glaring weaknesses on D. Prediction - 7-9

Atlanta should boast one of the leagues best offenses with a solid OL, stud RB, franchise QB, and stud WR. Throw in Tony Gonzalez and the Birds should average 25+ points a game this year. The D needs to be decent for Atlanta to have a chance for their 1st back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history. I will bet that Abe stays healthy, a corner steps up, and either Decoud or Moore is strong at the safety spot. Prediction - 10-6

Carolina will only be as good as Jake Delhomme lets them be. If he is on, with his weapons at RB and WR and a solid OL, the Panther offense will be very good. If he is 7-27, they will struggle. They still have the same problems on D, and in a division with Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush, Michael Turner, Jerious Norwood, Derrick Ward, and Ernest Graham - that can't be good. That puts lots of pressure on Jon Beason and the LB's. Prediction - 8-8

The NY Giants will boast a top 3 defense and still have weapons on offense. Their OL is very good, and as long as Eli is not terrible, he has enough weapons to win a bunch of games. Prediction - 12-4

Indy upgraded their D in the draft and Peyton is still one of the leagues top QB's. If they can get a running game and can stop the run, they are a contender again. Prediction - 12-4

Pittsburgh will again be very good on D and with Big Ben healthy, could be better on offense. If their running game comes around, they will be back in the hunt again in 2009. Prediction - 13-3

Tennessee took a huge hit when they lost Albert Haynesworth. Their D will still be solid, but won't be good enough to win them as many games as it did last year. Still not a lot to work with on offense for Collins. Chris Johnson is a stud, but the WR's are weak. Prediction - 8-8

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