Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Football Schedules...

Lets take a quick look at some college football schedules as we try and determine who will be ranked 1 and 2 in the final BCS rankings. The schedules will be ordered from projected toughest game to projected easiest game to see what schedules look the toughest. Some schools, like Penn State, look like they only need to win 2-3 games to be unbeaten...


1. at LSU------------------1. Texas (Dallas)-------1. at Ohio St
2. Georgia (Jax)-----------2. Oklahoma St----------2. at Cal
3. at So Carolina----------3. at Nebraska----------3. at Oregon
4. FSU---------------------4. at Miami-------------4. at Notre Dame
5. UT----------------------5. BYU------------------5. Oregon St
6. Arkansas----------------6. at Texas Tech--------6. UCLA
7. at Kentucky-------------7. at Kansas------------7. Arizona
8. Vandy-------------------8. Tulsa----------------8. Arizona St
9. at Miss St--------------9. Texas A&M------------9. Stanford
10. Troy-------------------10. Kansas St-----------10. San Jose St
11. Fla I'ntl--------------11. Baylor--------------11. Washington
12. Chas Southern----------12. Idaho St------------12. Washington St

Georgia--------------------Penn State-------------Georgia Tech

1. Florida (Jax)-----------1. Ohio St-------------1. VT
2. LSU---------------------2. at Michigan St------2. UGA
3. at Oklahoma St----------3. at Illinois---------3. at FSU
4. at GT-------------------4. at Michigan---------4. at Miami
5. at UT-------------------5. Iowa----------------5. UNC
6. at Arkansas-------------6. Minnesota-----------6. Clemson
7. Auburn------------------7. Temple--------------7. Wake
8. South Carolina----------8. Indiana-------------8. at Vandy
9. Arizona St--------------9. at Northwestern-----9. at Miss St
10. at Vandy---------------10. Syracuse------------10. at Virginia
11. Kentucky---------------11. Akron---------------11. at Duke
12. Tenn Tech--------------12. Eastern Illinois----12. Jax St


1. Oklahoma (Dallas)------1. Florida-------------1. LSU
2. at Oklahoma St---------2. at Alabama----------2. at Ole Miss
3. at Mizzou--------------3. at UGA--------------3. VT (ATL)
4. Kansas-----------------4. at Ole Miss---------4. at Auburn
5. Texas Tech-------------5. Arkansas------------5. Tennessee
6. Colorado---------------6. Auburn--------------6. Arkansas
7. at Texas A&M-----------7. Vandy---------------7. South Carolina
8. at Wyoming-------------8. at Miss St----------8. at Kentucky
9. at Baylor--------------9. La Tech-------------9. at Miss St
10. UCF-------------------10. at Washington-------10. Fla I'ntl
11. UTEP------------------11. Tulane--------------11. North Texas
12. ULM-------------------12. Louisiana-----------12. Chattanooga

What do we take from this? Well, it gives a little bit of insight into what games teams need to win in order to be undefeated and all but place them in the BCS Title Game. For Florida, if they can get by LSU, they don't have much else to worry about. The only other games on their schedule that may even be close are UGA, at USC, FSU,and UT. Only 1 road game there...

If Penn State can beat Ohio State, they should be undefeated headed into East Lansing in the final week. The USC/Ohio State winner will probably only need 1 or 2 other big wins to run the table. LSU's schedule is very top heavy, with 3 brutal road games plus Florida. The VT/Bama winner should be in pretty good shape as well.

Another brutal schedule for UGA. Only 1 of their top 6 toughest games is at home. However, they seem to play well in other teams stadiums...

The Oklahoma/Texas winner will be a strong player in the final BCS standings as long as they can get by Oklahoma St. Georgia Tech's schedule is not bad either, with 2 only 2 of their 7 toughest games away from home. USC's 4 toughest games are on the road, and with a new QB, I don't see them running the table.

Early prediction? Florida vs Texas
Sneaky Title Game Teams? Penn State, Cal, Bama

Also an interesting note, if Colt McCoy wins the Heisman, there could be 3 Heisman winners selected in the 1st round of next years NFL draft...


Anonymous said...

I wonder why you have Akron as being worse than Syracuse on Penn State's schedule. Akron beat Cuse last year at Cuse. They'll also play Indiana and beat them, same with Temple. It's funny how these teams all play each other like that, though. Anyway, don't sell Akron short when the results show otherwise. It's fine to have an opinion, but back it up with facts.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Here are the facts...Akron lost a lot on D. You say they will beat Indiana, well they lost to Indiana by 17 just 2 years ago. I think Cuse will be much improved, and Akron didn't impress down the stretch last year, losing by 3 touchdowns to Temple to finish the season. Akron does have a veteran QB and could surprise again. Sorry I don't have enough space to back up every pick, I wish I did!

Rallen said...

Summer Time and back posting regularly again!! I like it. Bill who? :0

Beezbo said...

Akron fan blowing up but too scared to reveal his (her?) identity.

Syracuse 38, Akron 9
Greg Paulus will be in NY with Tebow, McCoy and Bradford