Friday, June 6, 2008

The All-Alumni Team

Watching Wichita St and Florida St today in the super regional, several major leaguers that played at Wichita were named off and it got me thinking...what college could produce the best starting 9 in big league history? It turned out, the answer was easy.

The Arizona St Sun Devils - take a look at the lineup they can boast.

1) 2B - Fernando Vina - prototypical leadoff hitter with 2 190+ hit seasons
2) CF - Mike Devereaux - NLCS MVP in 95, excellent defensive CF with a good stick
3) LF - Barry Bonds - 762 HR's and 4,945 shots of HGH
4) RF - Reggie Jackson - Mr. October and his power in the clean up spot
5) 1B - Rick Monday - #1 overall pick in 1965 hit 241 career HR's
6) SS - Sal Bando - 4 all star games and several top 10 MVP's for the great OAK teams of the 70's
7) 3B - Bob Horner - another #1 overall pick who once hit 4 HR in a game
8) DH - Alvin Davis - 1984 AL ROY hit 160 career HR's
9) C - Paul Loduca - 4 time all star has had solid career

SP - Floyd Bannister - 134 career wins and an all star game for ASU's starting pitcher

If you wanted to argue a full 25 man roster, though - Southern Cal and its 100 players it has produced has a pretty good argument. I couldn't give them the best starting 9 because they have too many steriod users that would make the team (Bret Boone, Mark McGwire, Geoff Jenkins). But if you count them and throw in Fred Lynn, Roy Smalley, Dave Kingman, and Ron Fairly they have a decent argument.

Their 25 man roster would have a starting rotation of Randy Johnson, Tom Seaver, Barry Zito, Jim Barr, and Bill Lee. Could have been even better if Mark Prior didn't have an arm like Captain Crunch.

Southern Cal does have the distinction of not only the most CWS titles, but also the most big leaguers produced (100). Texas is 2nd at 95 and ASU has 88.

The most interesting school on the list? Holy Cross - not only did they produce Bob Cousy and Tom Heinsohn, but 77 major league players! None that were any good, but still impressive.

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