Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Randomness...

I have yet to get into any Hawks nuggets yet so here are my thoughts on the offseason as well as some other tidbits...

Taking Boston to 7 games is sure looking more impressive now that the Celts are on the brink of championship #17.

Woody got himself a 2 year deal - seems about right to me - give the guy a chance to show the Boston series was no fluke and if the team struggles next season, he is will go into Willie Randolph mode...

There isn't much more for new GM Rick Sund to do since the Hawks have no draft picks in the upcoming draft. I would imagine both Josh's are re-signed and the opening day roster will look something like this: Johnson, Law, Childress, Smith, Williams, Horford, Pachulia, Jones, Bibby, West, FA Guard, FA Center.

Holland and Italy survived the "Group of Death" in Euro 2008 and advance to the quarterfinals. From what I have seen, look for the Spain/Holland winner to meet the Portugal/Germany winner in the final on June 29th.

Georgia is 2-0 in Omaha and are in terrific shape to advance to the championship series. But for the love of God, can ESPN stop with the Bryce Massanari/Austin Yount/Blah Blah side stories and focus on the game.

Speaking of Willie Randolph, did you ever think that the Mets front office needs to look at Omar Minaya's job performance? He got so much hype for signing Pedro and Beltran to lucritive, higher-than-market-vaule deals in his first offseason and has done mostly harm since - the Billy Wagner acquisition and the Kris Benson for John Maine and Jorge Julio notwithstanding.

Carlos Delgado has been decent, but not great during his time in NY, but Met fans were still getting over the Mo Vaughn debacle so anything was an upgrade. Other moves have been average, like bringing in Duanar Sanchez trading for Oliver Perez (sending PIT Xavier Nady), but there have been just as many shaky-at-best moves.

Minaya basically gave one of the best setup men in baseball, Heath Bell to the Padres. He signed Moises Alou to a ridiculous deal at age 40 to spend half the season on the DL. Brian Bannister is one of the top young starters in baseball and he was traded away be Minaya for a career minor leaguer.

Maybe Randolph wasn't the problem. Throw in the 3:15 am firing and Fred Wilpon may be scratching his head today wondering if the right guy is currently unemployed.

It won't matter much in the NL East this year, though. The Phillies are the best team in the division and with Atlanta fading and Florida close behind, this division may be wrapped up in August.

Speaking of the Braves - what are they going to do with Texieira? Unless they are interested in signing him to a 7 year, 130+ million dollar deal they have to deal him by July 31st, right? They don't look like they are winning anything this year, and Big Tex should bring back a hefty sum from somebody.

The Falcons released Jimmy Williams? Good riddance.

How about my new boy DJ Trahan? He stayed in contention all day Sunday and has found a new fan as he starts his career on the PGA Tour. Hopefully another top 10 in the PGA will officially put him on the map.

Tiger got another one - fourteen down, five to go to pass Nicklaus...

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