Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a disaster...

So Boston gets another championship in a major professional sport? Good grief, none of the Atlanta teams are even close to getting a championship. Here is a look at how bad it is here by the numbers.

Team Seasons Championships

Hawks 40 0

Falcons 41 0

Braves 41 1

Thrashers 9 0

Total 131 1

Now lets look at Boston...

Celtics 61 17

Bruins 84 5

Red Sox 107 7

Patriots 38 3

Totals 290 32

On top of this, during my peak sports viewing (1995-2008), the Patriots have been to 5 Super Bowls, the Red Sox have won 2 World Series, and we all saw what the Celtics did Tuesday. How dare they ever talk about any curse. If there is a curse, it is in Atlanta...or Cleveland.

Cavaliers 37 0

Browns 62 4

Indians 107 2

Totals 206 6

The reason Cleveland gets consideration is that when their last title took place (1964 NFL Championship), Atlanta did not have any teams yet. The Browns have 0 Super Bowls and the Indians last WS win was 1948.

However, the award for worst title town is going to Seattle...

Sonics 41 1

Mariners 30 0

Seahawks 31 0

Total 102 1

The reason Seattle gets the nod over Atlanta is that the Sonics are on the verge of leaving town, the Mariners have the worst record in baseball, and anytime the Seahawks are what you are hanging your hat on - even the Atlanta fan can feel for you.


Anonymous said...

You're a stud! You should write for ESPN.!

mike said...

Die in a fiery crash Red Sox Nation