Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Best and Worst of the Schuerholz Era


1) 1996 - Marquis Grissom and Dave Justice to CLE for Alan Embree and Kenny Lofton
a. Grissom averaged 140 hits a season until 2004 and while hitting for even more power than he did up until the trade
b. Justice hit 186 Home Runs in 6 seasons (31 per) after the trade and won another World Series in 2000 with the NYY
c. Lofton played 1 season for the Braves and, while productive, pissed off everyone and convinced every Braves fan he did not want to be here.
d. Embree is a journeyman lefty that throws gas – was decent in ATL

2) 2000 - Bret Boone and Ryan Klesko to the SDG for Quilvio Veras, Wally Joyner, and Reggie Sanders
a. The steroid infested Boone averaged 27.8 HR’s per season from 2000-2004 including a 2001 season in SEA where he finished 3rd in MVP
b. Klesko hit 20+ HR’s and averaged over 80 RBI in his 1st 4 seasons after the trade for SDG
c. Veras, acquired to provide stability at the leadoff spot, played in only 156 more games in his career and had only 33 SB’s.
d. Joyner, always a stiff, hit .281 with 5 HR in 119 games for the Braves in his only season.
e. Sanders, also a bum, had the worst year of his career in 2000 with the Braves and left a bitter taste in the mouth of all Braves fans

3) 1997 - Jermaine Dye to KC for Keith Lockhart and Michael Tucker
a. Tucker hit the 1st HR in Turner Field history and sucked the rest of the time besides the HR off Kevin Brown in the 1998 NLCS
b. Lockhart was a solid pinch hitter and played some 2nd base but was never good enough to be a regular
c. Dye was 2005 WS MVP, has hit 248 HR’s and been an All-Star twice since the trade

4) 2004 - Adam Wainwright, Jason Marquis, and Ray King to STL for JD Drew and Eli Marrero
a. Wainwright has become a solid starter and was a dominant closer on the STL 2006 WS Champion team
b. Marquis had a rough time the end of his STL career but has been solid for the Cubs
c. Drew was good in his 1 year in ATL but no trip to the NLCS
d. Ditto for Marrero

5) 2006 - Wilson Betemit to LAD for Danys Baez and Willy Aybar
a. Shows how good JS has been that this is 5th worst
b. Betemit has been decent, but not great for LAD and NYY
c. Aybar was decent last year but turned to the bottle too often
d. Baez was bad, but we got 2 draft picks for him


1) 1993 - Melvin Nieves, Donnie Elliott, and Vince Moore to SDG for Fred McGriff
a. Nieves was the key to the deal, hit .230 for career with 63 HR
b. Elliott pitched 35 career innings
c. McGriff hit in the middle of the order from 93-97 and was a key to the 95 WS Championship – All Star 1st 3 years as a Brave

2) 2005 - Dan Meyer, Charles Thomas, and Juan Cruz to OAK for Tim Hudson
a. Braves acquire front line starter in prime for bootleg reliever, minor league level OF, and gimpy elbowed minor league pitcher

3) 1995 - Andre King to CHW for Mike Devereaux
a. King never played in majors while Devereaux was 1995 NLCS MVP the year the Braves won the WS

4) 2003 - Damian Moss to SF for Russ Ortiz
a. Ortiz went 36-16 in 2 years in ATL and pitched over 200 innings both seasons - #1 starter on NL East Champions both seasons

5) 2002 - Brian Jordan and Odalis Perez to LAD for Gary Sheffield
a. Sheff hit 66 HR’s and hit over .300 in 2 seasons including 3rd place MVP in 2003
b. Perez never developed into front line starter
c. Jordan was washed up before the trade

6) 2006 - Andy Marte to BOS for Edgar Renteria
a. Marte still may blow up, but Renteria was outstanding in his time here and BOS paid some of his contract

7) 1994 - Jimmy Kremers and Keith Morrison to MTL for Marquis Grissom
a. Grissom was vital to the 95 WS title and Kremers and Morrison are losers

8) 2000 - Bruce Chen and Jimmy Osting to PHI for Andy Ashby
a. Ashby was solid in 2000 winning 8 games in Aug and Sep
b. Chen is a former phenom turned bum

9) Ricardo Rodriguez to KC for Matt Diaz
a. Diaz mashes and Rodriguez is a scrub

10) Tim Spooneybarger and Ryan Baker to FLA for Mike Hampton
a. Spooneybarger was a walking injury and Baker never played in the majors
b. Hampton won 27 games his 1st two years in ATL and then succumbed to the injury bug – FLA paid part of his salary which puts this on the good list

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