Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The NBA 50 Greatest - Revisited

The NBA 50 greatest needs to be revisited and updated now that the original list is 12 years old. I don't think anyone should be removed to keep the list at 50, but how about adding another 10 like mortal locks Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, and Kevin Garnett. Kobe's scoring titles and playoff excellence and Duncan's rings and league dominance make them the 1st two entries. Next, if Dave Cowens and Dave Debusschere are on there for their propensity to collect double doubles, Garnett should be a lock. Iverson will go down as one of the greatest scorers, comparable to George Gervin.

Now to the next group - our point guards - Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and Gary Payton. All 3 have put up 10+ years of all star calibur seasons with Payton having had the most illustrious career. All 3 will also end up with better numbers than current members Isaiah Thomas and Tiny Archibald.

Finally, if Shaq can get in after 4 years in the league, surely Lebron James needs to be added as well. He has done more than enough in his 1st 5 years (10,000+ pts), carrying that crappy Cavs team to the finals, etc to warrant inclusion.

I don't think any other current players have done enough yet so like the Baseball Hall of Fame we will have some "old-timey" nominees/original snubs. No doubt Dominique will be added as he was the original snub. For the final spot, I like a couple of scorers but I will choose Reggie Miller over Alex English and others for his clutch performances.

The NBA 60 Greatest presented by Mastercard would have certainly drawn an audience at halftime of Game 4 of the finals. Where you at David Stern?

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Beezbo said...

Nique's obmission from the first list remains one of the greatest tragedies of our time.

10+ all-star seasons from Nash? More like 6 all-star seasons and 2 additional solid seasons. He still makes the Top 60.

"Where you at David Stern?"
Answer: Once he makes sure Celtics-Lakers goes seven, he will go back to helping his friend move the Sonics to OKC.